Matt Millar

Position: Board Member

Personal Notes:

I like long walks on the beach, sunsets and curling up with a good book. But seriously, the most important thing you should know about me is that I'm an immortal that's been around some four and a half centuries. I don't remember much from the early times, as I was pretty young then, and the world has changed so much.

Occupation: Professional Gamer

Goals: I have every intention of using my position with IONS to take over the world.

Preferred game genres:

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Mark Dykstra

Position: Secretary


I've been gaming since the late 1970's. Yes, that makes me officially old. My gaming interests are wide and varied, from wargaming and miniatures, boardgames, RPGs and even some computer games. I am a father of two young men who are becoming gamers in their own right, so naturally some of the time I spend with them focuses on gaming. At the current time my main interests are cardstock model-making with a focus on 25-28mm terrain for gaming, and running the Artemis Bridge Simulator at various IONS events. I'm also designing a set of print and play miniatures for the "Full Thrust" Sci-Fi miniatures game. I am proud to have been a founding member of IONS, and I look forward to see our community grow and prosper.

David Huet

Position: Board Member


David Huet lives in Sioux Falls and works in the telecom service industry managing both client and consumer communications. He enjoys all nature of games as they all present the opportunity to explore a form of creative story telling. David has a lifelong interest in politics, international politics, history (especially military), rhetoric, movies, and literature.

Stephen Vossler

Position: Board Member


I created my first set of gaming rules at the age of seven. It involved moving home-made tanks consisting of blocks of wood and throwing rocks at opposing tanks. By the time I was nine I was firmly set on the path to geek-dom through a comic book collection, the love of science fiction and military modelling. During my years in middle school I was introduced to games like France 1940, Tactics II and Panzer Blitz. By 1975 I was apprenticing under local notorious characters such as Jim Lurvey, Dave Glewwe, Bill Huet & Bob Yager. I was introduced to Metamorphosis Alpha, Empire of the Petal Throne and D&D; then quickly grew into an avid role-player. There are scant aspects of hobby gaming that I haven't partaken. Participating in wargamming, board games, miniatures, role-playing, CCG and even LARP.

In my formative adult years living in the Twin Cities I sought out Prof. MAR Barker, creator of the world of Tekumel. I became a regular player in the infamous "Thursday Night Group". My passion for the world of Tekumel is immense and continues not to wane. Upon returning to Sioux Falls I became active in Midwest Area Gaming Enthusiasts (MAGE) filling the role of local chapter president, creating the first MAGE web-site, and managing 7 of the 9 Mage-Con North conventions held in Sioux Falls. In the late 90's I became captivated with Victorian Era gaming and the Steampunk genre. I created my own set of RPG rules for "Challenger Corps" as well miniatures rules for "Clattering Iron & Hissing Steam" and later "Aero Fleets". I also am the author of "Steam Trek" online RPBEM which is a unique combination of Steampunk and Star Trek.

After the needs of Sioux Falls stopped being met by MAGE I felt it necessary to spark my enthusiasm onto the kindling leadership that existed in Sioux Falls. In my capacities as a gamer, author, organizer and hobbyist I have endeavored to promote gaming by hosting entertaining games, creating new & unique game systems and fabricating opportunities to share the hobby.

Charlotte Kegley

Position: Board Member


When I was young I didn't have many gaming opportunities. Early on I learned how to play solitaire and concentration as playing cards were available to me. I was introduced to the games of Candyland, Pachisi and Chinese Checkers by my cousins. I also played Kings Corner with my mother.

In my forties I discovered a whole new world!! Never before had I heard of games like Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne or Pente. To my delight I discovered that these games were only the tip of the iceberg.

Since then I have developed a passion for many kinds of games. I find great joy in sharing the experience of gaming with others, especially when I get to teach a game I love to someone who hasn't played it before.

I have also discovered the immense pleasure of role play and enjoy "being someone else" for a time while adventuring in other worlds or times.

Games Charlotte is likely to run: