IONS Bylaws

IONS shall at all times be operated exclusively for charitable purposes
within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All
funds, whether income or principal, and whether acquired by gift or
contribution or otherwise, shall be devoted to said purposes.

Mission Statement:

IONS is a non-profit organization dedicated to education through the
practice of game base learning, the promotion of the hobby of gaming and
related non-mainstream hobbies.

Vision Statement:

To create, expand and preserve a community of gamers and seek involvement
with associated groups.

Article 1: Organizational Structure:

  1. IONS is governed by a Board of Directors through the executive
    council consisting of;
    1. President
    2. Secretary
    3. Treasurer
    4. Executive Assistants.
      1. Vice President
      2. Archivist
      3. Auditor
    5. Committee Head/s as needed.
      1. Convention Manager
      2. Communications Officer
      3. Videographer
      4. Dealer Liaison
      5. Advertising Agent
      6. Venue Coordinator
      7. Membership Liaison
  2. Members constitute due paying participants in IONS functions and
  3. Participants are not members of IONS but can attend IONS events and
    are included in distribution lists.

Article 2: Board of Directors:

  1. IONS members are encouraged to donate their service and attendance
    to IONS, and may do so by declaring their intent to serve on the Board of
    Directors by submitting a petition of application.
  2. If the declaring IONS member is accepted by a 2/3rd majority vote of
    the Board of Directors, in quorum, he/she will become a board member once
    he/she has signed the Board of Directors agreement.
  3. Board members must fulfill a quarterly/annual obligation of service
    and attendance, which includes:
    1. A minimum of six (6) instances of service in each quarter.
    2. Attendance at a minimum of three (3) IONS events or functions in
      each quarter.
    3. Attendance at a minimum of half of the Board of Directors meetings
      per year.
  4. Board members not in compliance to their obligations to IONS will be
    placed on notice. The board member in question can then respond to any
    unrecorded participation or service or be able to compensate with additional
    participation and/or service in future quarters.
  5. Board members not meeting their quarterly obligations for three (3)
    consecutive quarters shall be notified of pending removal from the board.
    The board member in question will have one quarter to respond to the
    non-compliance issues. At the meeting following the notice of pending
    removal, the Board of Directors will determine the board member's
    disposition by electing to:
    1. Remove the board member in question.
    2. Grant a term of inactivity.
    3. Delay determination of disposition until the next meeting.
  6. Board members, including members of the executive council may be
    removed with or without cause at any Board of Directors meeting by a 2/3rd
    majority vote of the members in quorum. Executive officer vacancies shall
    be filled by their Executive Assistant. Assistants shall be filled in the
    normal fashion.

Article 3: Executive Council

  1. Duties and scope of the Executive Officers are listed in the
    Responsibilities and Purview document (Schedule B) of the policies and
  2. The term of all elected officers shall be one (1) year. There is no
    limit to consecutive terms as long as the officer is rightfully re-elected
  3. Elections for officers shall be held annually within the fourth
    quarter IONS board meeting. Newly elected officers will take charge at the
    beginning of the first quarter.
  4. The office of any member of the executive council can be called into
    question by a majority vote of the board. The officer in question shall
    have until the next scheduled board meeting to defend him/her self against
    the cause for the motion. A vote of confidence shall be set on the agenda
    for the next board meeting. If a majority vote of the Board of Directors
    members in quorum results in a motion of no confidence the board member is
    removed from their office, and the office shall be filled by the Executive

Article 4: Board meetings

  1. Board meetings shall be held quarterly, in accordance to the
    financial calendar.
  2. The meeting shall not coincide with an IONS event or function so as
    not to distract from the business of IONS.
  3. The date and location of the meeting shall be scheduled at least two
    (2) weeks in advance of the date, optimally being decided within the
    previous board meeting.
  4. The proposed agenda for the meeting will be distributed to board
    members at least one (1) week prior to the meeting date.
  5. Board meetings may be open to IONS members, or third parties with an
    interest or stake in the function of the meeting. Non board members will
    not be allowed to participate in the discussion, unless recognized by the
    chair for specific input, nor shall non board members be allowed a vote.
  6. Quorum for the meeting shall include:
    1. All three (3) Executive Officers (or in lieu of the officers their
      Executive Assistants).
    2. Half (1/2) of the committee heads.
    3. A majority of the remaining directors (directors accounted for in
      either a or b not included).
  7. The Order of Business at a meeting shall be as follows;
    1. Roll Call to establish quorum and attendance
    2. Announcements
    3. Approval of previous meetings minutes
    4. Election of Officers (specific to the annual meeting)
    5. Executive Officer reports (President, Secretary, & Treasurer)
    6. Committee reports
    7. Reports on prior action items (presented by the director taking the
    8. Continuation of old business (items to appear on agenda)
    9. New business / motions (ideally to appear on agenda)
    10. Setting of next board meeting date
    11. Recitation of assigned action items
    12. Adjournment
  8. Special or Emergency board meetings may be called by the Executive
    council to attend to or react to time sensitive issues. Such a meeting may
    circumvent sections 2, 3 & 4 of this article.

Article 5: Committees

  1. Undertakings by IONS that require a dedicated person or committee
    to assure its successful completion may require the assignment or assembly
    of a committee by a majority vote of the Board of Directors members in
  2. The committee head shall be identified as a board member willing to
    organize the task assigned.
  3. The responsibilities, purview and term of such a committee are
    circumscribed by the Board of Directors by the drafting of an article of
    operation which must be ratified by a majority vote of the Board of
    Directors members in quorum.
  4. Committees may organize and operate as is required by their
    commission but must make regular reports to the Board of Directors as
    specified under their articles of operation and article 4 of the bylaws.
  5. The Executive Council may modify the articles of operation of a
    committee or dissolve the committee with a majority approval of the Board of
    Directors members in quorum.

Article 6: Policies

  1. IONS for the benefit of the organization and mission shall employ
    policy to make clear the organizations intent and operational procedures.
    Policy statements shall be included as an addendum to the bylaws and shall
    be displayed appropriately in accordance to their relevance. Such policy
    statements may include but are not limited to:
    1. A schedule of definitions of the bylaws, policies and procedures to
      make plain the content of IONS documents and communications.
    2. A list of responsibilities and purviews of the Executive Officers,
      directors, committee heads and members to be used as instructional material
      and guidelines for operation.
    3. A Corporate Calendar identifying dates for operation tasks and
    4. Code of Conduct (expectations for IONS member, board member and
      officer behavior and comportment while attending IONS functions, meeting or
      while conducting IONS business).
    5. Donation and Support Policies to set ground rules for how and with
      whom the organization will accept/decline donations.
    6. A collection of forms used by the organization.
    7. Procedures for Advertisement Disclosure & Distribution.
    8. Conflict of Interest Policy.
    9. Privacy Policy.
    10. Internet policies (what information needs to be posted where, who
      has access to what information, what channels do members go through to
      modify what is on-line, etc.).
    11. Advertising policy (what trademarks will be approved for use, what
      artwork is acceptable, what contact information should be provided, etc.).
    12. Attendance prohibitions (who shall be banned from attending IONS
      events and functions, for what reasons, for how long, etc.).
    13. Convention policies (prohibition of alcohol/smoking, registration
      procedure, event sign-up procedure, other specific statements of liability,
    14. Dealer policies (how do dealers fit in the structure of IONS, how
      do dealers interact with committee heads, how are dealers chosen to
    15. Dress code for IONS events and functions (including costume
      contests, etc.).
    16. Food policies, (relative to venue).
    17. Language policy.
    18. Security policies.
    19. And etcetera.

Article 7: Amendments to Bylaws:

  1. The bylaws may be amended, altered and appealed by the Board of
    Directors by a majority vote of the quorum at any regular or special Board
    of Directors meeting.

Article 8: Suspension of Bylaws:

  1. A member of the executive council may propose a suspension of the
    bylaws or rules of order if or when special circumstances dictate but such a
    motion must be ratified by a majority vote of the of Board of Directors
    members in quorum.
  2. Rules of order which protect the fundamental rights of the
    corporation or of individual members and ordinary rules of order contained
    in the bylaws or constitution may not be suspended.

Article 9: Dissolution:

  1. The corporation may be dissolved by a 2/3rd majority vote of all
    members of the Board of Directors.
  2. In the event of dissolution of the corporation the assets shall be
    applied as follows: Jack Vasel Memorial Fund (EIN 45-1583593).
    1. All liabilities and obligations shall be paid, satisfied and
      discharged; or adequate provision shall be made therefore.
  3. Assets not held on condition of return, transfer or conveyance to
    any other entity shall be distributed to a charitable organization,
    organized under Section 501 (3) (c) of the IRS Code.

Privacy Policy

Applicable to Members and Participants

IONS recognizes the importance of protecting the personal information of our
members. IONS collects personal information regarding members and
participants attending IONS events to facilitate communications with and
between our members and participants. This information is to be used solely
to further the purposes of IONS and to conduct its necessary operational

The information includes:

Uses of private information:

IONS will use identified private data for special advertising, non-dues
revenue programs or other purposes in accordance with the Purposes and
Objects as determined by the Board of Directors, specifically:


IONS shall not distribute personal information to any partners or third
parties for any non-IONS objective without the express consent of the member
associated with the data to be shared.

Code of Conduct Policy